Officially named MOROCCO KINGDOM. This country is located in North Africa. Separated just by 14 km from Europe (Spain) by the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco's administrative capital is Rabat, but you can consider Casablanca as the economic capital of this country as being a port city it has great influence in the development of the country, while Fez might be the cultural and religious capital of Morocco. Fez is one of the 4 Imperial Cities* along with Marrakech, Rabat and Meknes

*This cities are known as Imperial Cities because this have been the capital cities of Morocco troughout the centuries.

Morocco counts with a big diversity of ecosistems – beaches, desert, forests, mountains and snow- what makes this country extremely attractive for tourists who know they can satisfy their likes as diverse they could be.

Its POPULATION is of a little bit more than 35 million people whom profess mostly the ISLAMIC RELIGION, however they perfectly coexist with other beliefs.

The official LANGUAGE is the Arabic but the French is very common among the schooled people. It’s easy to find people who speaks Bereber but also English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

The CURRENCY in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham

MOROCAN FOOD is considered of the best in all the world. One of its most known dishes is the “tajin” made with vegetables and meat. It’s prepared with some kind of conical pot also called tajin and you add some condiments which give that characteristical Moroccan flavor and color.

Regarding drinks, the green tea is not only the national drink. For Moroccan people tea symbolizes a way to prove their hospitality. It’s very common to drink tea with peanuts, olives or some sweet cookies.


During the year they have music festivals, parties and some important events all over Morocco. Here are some of the most important and interesting events:

First days of April

Dunes marathon
One of the toughest marathons on earth, your travel begins in Ouarzazate and ends in the desert.

First days of May

Rose Festival, Kelaa M’Gouna:
In the rose valley, each May we have a 3 days party due to the end of the harvest season of roses, with LIVE Bereber music.


Gnawa fest in Essaouira:
Tribal african-moroccan music fest.


Gnawa party in Khamlia:
Meeting between the different villages of the desert where Gnawa people invite them to enjoy from their food, dance and do some protection exercises.

National Popular Art Fest in Marrakech:
Known since 2005 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It’s located in the best known places of the city such as Menara gardens and El Badi Palace.

Late July

Music and Art Fest in Asilah
You can enjoy colorful murals which artists use to adorn the White houses


Wedding fest, Imilchil:
Curious celebration with live music where bereber woman and man get together through a beautiful ritual.

Late October

Date fest, Erfoud:
People from the zone gather in one of the most amazing places of Morocco, Merzouga Dunes while they enjoy the traditional dromedary races.

Between November and December:

Marrakech International Film Fest:
The city becomes in the Moroccan Cannes during this week, gathering the most famous artists and cinema international directors.

Beside the “social” parties, religious dates are extremely important for Moroccan people. Some of their most important religious events are:

Ramadan: Is the month of the year where they get purified through fasting. All the country commits to this tradition approximately for 30 days. Since the sun rises till the sun sets, no one is allowed to drink or eat anything. But as soon as the sun sets, everyone starts to eat. By the end of the fast month the celebration continues with the Ait Seguir party.

Lamb party: about 40 days after the end of Ramadan, each family sacrifices a lamb as gift to God, as Abraham did it in his life.